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Gloria is an out-of-work girl who, after getting kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend, is forced to leave her life in New York and move back to her hometown. When news reports surface that a giant creature is destroying Seoul, South Korea, Gloria gradually comes to the realization that she is somehow connected to this far-off phenomenon. As events begin to spin out of control, Gloria must determine why her seemingly insignificant existence has such a colossal effect on the fate of the world.

Anne Hathaway stars as Gloria, an alcoholic piece of trash that can’t hold down a job, leeches off her rotten boyfriend and invites friends over to his place while he’s at work. They break up and she goes back home where she quickly discovers a unique connection to Seoul, South Korea. It’s a fairly original story with incredibly awkward moments that cut deeper than I would have expected in what I assumed going in was going to be a B-rated science fiction film done while Hathaway had some downtime from her more serious roles. As a fan of Jason Sudeikis, this was pretty hard to watch, he really did a great job in the role he was given and Hathaway played her role perfectly. I was surprised by the quality of the special effects, they were really on the same level as Pacific Rim, but with a down home Juno feel for the rest of the scenes.

PS, the “All she could do was save the world” tagline on the box art has absolutely nothing to do with the movie.  There’s no world saving in this film, just some hard looks into the choices that alcoholic dirt bags make when forced to inspect their own shitty lives.

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