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Office Christmas Party

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When the CEO decides to close her hard-partying brother’s branch, he and his fired up co-workers throw an epic office party to land a VIP client and save everyone’s jobs. Get ready to work hard and play harder in this wild and outrageous comedy hit!

Great movie with lots of really funny scenes. Lots of drugs, lots of alcohol and I’m now solidified as a big fan of Jason Bateman and Olivia Munn really did well. Kate McKinnon on the other hand is still trying to find her footing, I really feel she’s going to end up having a career much like Adam Sandler, in that she’s always going to be playing a goofy character with a goofy accent in goofy situations. This is a ‘for better or worse’ situtation, I used to love Sandler, but there’s only so much of the same old thing that audiences can take. That being said, Sandler is not currently hurting for fans, income or challenging roles, so McKinnon would be lucky to have his career path.

This is a good movie to watch while drinking btw, lots of silly humor that’s better if you’re slightly inebriated. I wasn’t when I watched this, but it might end up being a drunk movie decision somewhere down the road.

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