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Life is a sci-fi thriller about an International Space crew whose mission turns to one of primal fear after discovering a terrifying life form.

For better or worse, this was exactly the movie I thought it was going to be. Have you seen Gravity? Good, then you’re familiar with the set they used for Life. Have you seen any space based alien horror film? Then you’re familiar with all the movie tropes that were used here. The creature design was acceptable, the acting was acceptable with the exception of Jake Gyllenhaal, who was cosplaying as a four year old in space (what was up with that accent he went in and out of?) and the story was a shake and bake of all the most popular science fiction tropes that usually show up on late night made for television Syfy channel movies.

I’d skip this one, it was difficult to get through and was pretty tedious in the third act.

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