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Money Monster

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Financial TV host Lee Gates (George Clooney) & his producer Patty (Julia Roberts) work against the clock to unravel a conspiracy.

Much like 99 Homes, Money Monster references the great financial collapse of the 2000’s, and just like 99 Homes, it does the event a huge disservice and turns it into a parody. Money Monster makes the mistake of creating a single villain and have him do some seriously messed up stuff, but singular villains weren’t the true evil that caused the problems that took so much from so many people. I realize it’s difficult to make a movie about a corrupt system that continues to get more and more corrupt, regardless of who’s in office. Trump’s new america seems to be heading right back to the same problems that Bush’s america had.

Back to the movie though, it was entertaining enough, just sad to see they went the easy route and didn’t want to touch on the actual problems.

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