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The Razor’s Edge

51dBE5bbxtL The Razor’s Edge

An American WWI vet (Bill Murray) undertakes a spiritual quest that takes him from the Himalayas and back to his hometown.

Based off a book, this movie was only made because Bill Murray was asked to come back for a second Ghostbusters movie, much like Christopher Reeves and Street Smart to get another Superman film made. Because of the nature of how these films are made, with an actor that has a true passion project, I feel these tend to turn out much better than they otherwise would have. There was some true drama towards the end of the plot to The Razor’s Edge, I really did wonder if there was going to be violence between two of the major characters. Because of the gravity of violence in the movie, it had some serious weight.

Strongly suggest the movie, but be sure to set aside some time, it’s an emotional, wild ride.

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