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Black Panther: Soul of a Machine

clean Black Panther: Soul of a Machine

Chapter One – Unrivaled Hospitality: The world’s leading scientists are gathering for the International Tech Symposium in Nagoya, Japan where King T’Challa is accompanied by a team of …

A bizarre story in which only a Lexus car can save humanity from Machinesmith, a rogue A.I.

One small draw back to the story: the car doesn’t show up until the final issue, and it turns out that the story itself was pretty good, which is abnormal for these blatant advertisement books. Sure, Black Panther actually takes a back seat to some philosophical discussions between some of the other characters for most of the story, but it still had some solid content.

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Black Panther: Soul of a Machine originally appeared on Adam Selvidge’s Website on January 14, 2020.

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