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Predator 2 4k

51waETWNL L. AC US218  Predator 2 4k

Aliens in the city.

Purchased on iTunes, migrated to Movies Anywhere and watched on my roku via the FandangoNOW app.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this one and didn’t have much memory of anything that happened in it, other than the ending where Glover was gifted a pistol from the council of Predators. It doesn’t hold up as well as the original Predator due to the dystopian city it’s set in, and the supposed time frame of “the near future” of 1997, where drug lords and gangs are in open warfare while the police chief is busy getting rich on a vacation and only appears to yell at our main character. It’s a fun movie, but not a great movie.

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