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Space Precinct

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From sci-fi legend Gerry Anderson (Space 1999, Thunderbirds, UFO), this special-effects-filled series chronicles the adventures of two cops from Earth battling a rogue’s gallery of alien criminals in the year 2040. Transferred from the mean-streets of New York City to a teeming alien planet halfway across the galaxy, veteran police detective Patrick Brogan (Ted Shackelford, Dallas) and his rookie partner (Rob Youngblood, NYPD Blue, Sliders) struggle to adapt to their exotic new beat. Tangling with otherworldly outlaws in one deadly close encounter after another, the officers fight to bring intergalactic law and order to a mind-bending realm where the bad guy’s aren’t just bad… they aren’t even human!

I haven’t finished this series, but wanted to write my thoughts down. I’ve read that this series never found an audience in the US, as the US broadcasters couldn’t figure out what to do with a series that had cartoonish makeup and prosthetics but serious storylines that might not speak to a younger audience.  I agree that there’s a huge gap between the sets and miniatures vs the storylines.  Speaking of the miniatures, it wasn’t until I grabbed the Amazon description that I realized why they looked so familiar to me, they definitely feel like a more serious version of Thunderbirds.

It’s worth checking out, the first episode is a great one and it’s currently streaming with Amazon Prime.

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