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Luke Cage Season 2

Luke Cage season 2 689x1024 Luke Cage Season 2

Luke Cage Returns!

I still think Daredevil had a better second season, the introduction of The Punisher and their recreation of several amazing comic books moments completely outshines Luke Cage’s second season…but only just barely. The Netflix/ABC/Marvel writers have finally figured out a few of the problems that have been around since the first season of their first series, namely that the seasons just drag on and on, with sudden shifts in villains that seem forced and uninteresting. Mike Coulter is absolutely amazing as always, but his supporting cast helps elevate him to a pretty cool place. I do wish they could figure out a better way to utilize Luke Cage’s power set, in Daredevil they have a cool “one shot fight scene” gimmick that works pretty well and is impressive, but I didn’t see anything in this season of Luke Cage that made me go “wow that was an incredibly well done scene and I’m impressed with Luke Cage as a character!”. Season one some what had a scene that did this (ripping off the car door and going through dozens of bad guys at the gang house) but season two was only able to give one interesting power utilization when another super powered guest star popped in for an episodes.

Season Two has only 10 episodes, down from Season One’s 13 and this felt like a good fit for the story they’re telling.

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