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The Titan

Netflix The Titan Movie Poster The Titan

On a bleak future Earth, a soldier endures a radical genetic transformation to save humanity. But his wife fears he’s becoming more creature than man.

This is on Netflix, and boy howdy is it yet another entry in the “only could have been released on Netflix because I’m not too steamed about it being a pointless mess due to only paying $15 a month” list. I need a better name for that list, obviously.

I truly did not understand a couple points that they made towards the end of the film. I’m going to just dive right into spoilers because why not, this movie isn’t one of those that has any great be twist, just weird plot developments that I really think should have been ironed out before it was released.

Key points:

  • Main military guy says “this is a secure base, no communication with the outside world”. During the world building voice over at the start of the film, we know that the “outside world” is falling to pieces and is a near apocalyptic nightmare, so the military man’s instructions are clearly appropriate for a secret biological experiment. He knows what he’s in for, it’s right there in the Netflix synopsis! The very next scene as the assistant to the military guy saying “it’s ok to call friends and family, he was just being overly dramatic”. what?
  • Wife finds cameras in the house, acts surprised that the military would want to keep an eye on their multi billion dollar walking petri dish on his off hours.
  • Wife sets off to find the main guy from before, is able to sneak into a heavily guarded and secured office building to find out that they’re in the process of running biological experiments on her husband, the guy that openly volunteered for biological experiments.
  • People die during the process, this is handled appropriately.
  • The final step of the process involves the test subjects losing the ability to communicate with everyone around them, then they’re shipped off to Titan to live out their lives. That’s the end of the movie.
  • Not much is said after that, just Earth is a wasteland and Sam Worthington is standing naked on Titan, possibly with some other blue friends.
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