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Teacher of the Year

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Principal Ronald Douche (Keegan-Michael Key of “Key and Peele”) runs Truman High School, a school filled with crazy faculty and out of control students. When one teacher, Mr. Carter, wins Teacher of the Year, other schools fight to steal him from Truman High and he is left with the choice: go where he is actually wanted, or stay where he is so desperately, hilariously needed?

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I believe this was filmed before ‘Key and Peele’ really made it big and Keegan-Michael Key became the hot commodity that he is now, if only because this film isn’t about his character at all, only has like 4 or 5 scenes, and seems shoe horned in around the ‘real’ story of how under appreciated teachers are and how it’s no big surprise that they jump ship at their first opportunity.

That being said, it’s a good film and Matt Letscher (Flash, Legends of Tomorrow) did a great job as a good teacher that wants to help those that need his help but keeps getting beaten down by a broken system and kids that don’t fit well in it for obvious reasons. It’s much more of an emotional movie than I thought it was going to be, I’ve been on both sides of some of the situations presented here (instructor, not a certified teacher) and man does the nail get hit right on the head.

I suggest it, just be aware that The Douche only appears a few times.

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