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Netflix Exclusive.

From the director of Suicide Squad and End of Watch, Will Smith stars as a cop that’s just coming back to the police force after being shot by an Orc with a shotgun. Can he trust he Orc partner to choose his badge over his bloodline? The question is dropped about 10 times from Will Smith in the first 20 minutes of the film with some poorly chosen edits, but a magical wand really drives the question home. The cuts seemed rough and it seemed like Smith was phoning it in for a few scenes that really should have been redone, but for the most part, this movie works very well and has an amazing universe in which it can tell more stories.

Main stream critics have really knocked the film, but I’m really not sure what they were expecting, as I got exactly what I was thinking I was going to get: Training Day / End of Watch / Alien Nation / Lord of The Rings all rolled into one glorious, yet predictable, movie with a pretty great soundtrack.

If you have a Netflix subscription and want to know what the world would look like 2,000 years after Lord of the Rings was over, I’d give this a go. It’s not enough to recommend a Netflix subscription on just this one movie, but it certainly adds to the pile of great stuff they now own completely.

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