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Max Steel

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Unlikely friends Max and a rebellious techno-organic alien named Steel band together to stop sinister forces who want to control Max’s powers in this epic superhero adventure.

Saw this when I was finding Steel, figured the synopsis sounded interesting and boy howdy this turned out to be a fun and well put together film!  I was blown away by the high production values and a story that was easy to follow and made complete sense. How stunning is it that a movie based off a toy series ended up being one of the better movies that I’ve seen lately. The CGI robot sidekick was a little over the top, seemed TOO human, and the VO work seemed to be added to the movie incorrectly.  I’ve come to expect some kind of voice modification for all my flying robot companions, so it was weird to hear the voice over by Josh Brener (big head from Silicon Valley) played in such a human and flat manner. That one small complaint aside though, this was a fun movie with really well done special effects, particularly the “liquid energy” that shows up from time to time.

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