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Jason X

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In the year 2455, Old Earth is now a contaminated planet abandoned for centuries — it’s Friday the 13th, and Jason lives!

Someone at New Line watched Aliens and thought that Jason would make a great addition to that storyline. They got all their favorite television late night actors and managed to make yet another Friday the 13th film that’s less Jason and more ‘what do we even do with this franchise’. Paramount managed to make eight films that made money with a singular storyline: camp ground people having sex and doing drugs and getting killed in hilariously over the top ways by Jason.

I’ll note that right as I was complaining about the lack of camp grounds in outter space, the holographic camp ground popped upon the screen. The movie had some good special effects, the holograms and ship miniatures being among them. This is a good late night TV movie, not something that I would have expected from a respected franchise like Friday the 13th.

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