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Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC)

Marvel Inhumans 1024x576 Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC)

Inhumans on the moon! Inhumans in Hawaii!

I paid $17 a ticket for two people to go see this at an IMAX theater, but it was utter trash. It would have been ok to watch it on TV, we fully expect Marvel’s television efforts to be low budget and make nearly no sense, but this was the worst Marvel experience I’ve had yet, which is a tragic thing to say. The CGI, when used, was pretty great to see, but they only had about 5 combat cgi shots, the rest were poorly choreographed hand to hand scenes. Even the normal every day pew pew gun scenes were terribly done, which is another sad thing to see. Lemme give you the example that still makes me cringe: Bad guys see Good Guy kneeling to inspect a McGuffin. Bad Guys get order to kill the Good Guy. All the Bad Guys have long guns, so they have two options: shoot him from 30 feet away or close in to about 5 feet away and shoot him from there. Ugh.

This is only a 6 or 8 episode miniseries so there’s not going to be enough time to turn it around. Don’t spend money to see this and don’t bother to waste your time on it if you see it on TV. Odds are very high that there will be absolutely no tie in to Agents of Shield and no one in the entire MCU will ever mention these characters again.

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