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91Z0unBONvL. SL1500  768x1024 Goldeneye

Pierce Brosnan makes his debut as Bond in a furious chase to recover a stolen stealth helicopter and a lethal space weapon known as GoldenEye.

This was the first Bond film that I saw in a movie theater, so it certainly holds a special place in my heart. Another reason in likely because of the hundreds of hours I put into the Nintendo 64 game. In fact, I think I remember more from the game than I do from the movie!

Pierce Brosnan is the Bond that I first got to know, and as such, he’s the definitive Bond, he’s the one that I first think of when someone mentions Bond. That being said, this is officially the first 90’s Bond film with a synth heavy smooth jazz soundtrack and opens with bungee jumping. Was interesting to see Hagrid without a beard and looking so young! The same scene has Minnie Driver doing an absolutely intentionally horrible job at singing.

I loved this movie when I first watched it, and still do!

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