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Assassin’s Creed

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Michael Fassbender stars in this action-adventure film based on the acclaimed video game franchise about a man who discovers he’s a descendant of an ancient line of Assassins.

While enjoyable there’s too little emotion and too many foggy scenes where everyone is shrouded in smoke. I’d like to see this in 4kHDR just to really get a good feel for what they intended the audiences to see vs what I could actually make out. As with any movie that’s been condensed and distilled from much larger source material, the story feels rushed and has too many interesting things happening all at the same time without any answers or explanation. My only experience so far has been a couple hours in AC2 and completing Black Flag, and I have to tell you, I don’t remember any talk of the Apple of Eden in either of those games, and it was weird to see them all salivating over some trinket that didn’t end up being an apple at all. They didn’t explain what it was, but I know an apple when I see it and that was no apple.

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